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Azolla Sheet


Azolla is a floating fern which resembles algae. Azolla is grown in paddy fields or in shallow water bodies and they multiply very rapidly. Azolla is rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, (Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Beta-Carotene), growth promoter intermediaries and minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, ferrous, copper, magnesium. On a dry weight basis, it contains 25-35% of protein, 10-15% minerals and 7-10% of amino acids, bioactive substances and biopolymers. The carbohydrate and fat content of Azolla is very low. Its nutrient composition makes it highly efficient and effective feed for livestock. Livestock can easily digest it owing to the high protein and low lignin content and get quickly accustomed to it. Moreover, it is easy and economical to grow.

Apart from these, Azolla has been used by farmers as bio-fertilizer in their paddy fields. Substantial increment in yield and quality of produce have drastically improved with the use of Azolla as bio-fertilizer.

We offer reliable, cost-effective, premium quality that are used in Azolla farming. Manufactured with a state of the art technology utilizing patented cold-roll technique, these premium-grade are UV stabilized that stand out in terms of toughness, impact and tensile strength.

We are supplying regularly to government organizations and NGOs like BAIF, BIRVA in states of Jharkhand, Bihar and West-Bengal.

Request a quote or get in touch with us at +91 988-3738-647, +91-33-3250-5728, 2265-4853 to let us know about your requirements. You can also drop an e-mail at mohantarp@yahoo.com

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