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Tarpaulin for Agricultural Usage


Agricultural business is usually characterized by seasonal production cycle. The production relies on a specific season and consumption is a 365 days phenomenon. Thus, a given season witnesses bumper production which means there is a huge storage need. Creating a permanent storage is always a costly affair and herein, tarpaulin sheds provide cursory and economical solution.

At Mohan Tarp, we offer a wide range of high-grade tarpaulins for agricultural usage. Made of top-notch material, in compliance with the industry standards, our products assure optimum quality, reliability and durability. Our range of tarpaulins also include pond lining sheets that are expansively used by the agriculturists to prevent water from slipping in the land.


  • Drying of spices, Areca nuts, coconut, rubber, chillies, turmeric, grapes(raisins) and other agricultural produce.
  • Solar drying chambers for drying of agriculture/horticulture produce.
  • Covering of tendu leaves, tamarind and other forest and hill produce.
  • Fumigation of tobacco leaves, food grains, pulses, grapes and other agricultural produce.
  • Floor underlays (Dunnage sheets)/ thrashing floors.
  • Small ponds for fresh drinking water, farm ponds for cultivation, fish farming, algae cultivation, rain water harvesting, community water storage tanks, low cost rain water harvesting ponds etc.
  • Green house/low tunnels/low cost solar green house/nursery sheds etc.
  • Poultry curtains and roofs
  • Portable vermibed
  • Azolla farming

Apart from the budget friendly price, we are committed to delivering the orders within stipulated time frame. We can customize the sizes and specifications as per clients’ requirements. Contact us and let us know your requirements.

Request a quote or get in touch with us at +91 988-3738-647, +91-33-3250-5728, 2265-4853 to let us know about your requirements. You can also drop an e-mail at mohantarp@yahoo.com

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