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Tarpaulin for Covering Raw Material


Application of tarpaulins are diverse and caters to the demands of warehouses, architectural works, modern tents, industrial machines and automotive coverings, construction sites, swimming pools, covering food grains, cements and various other purposes. One of the primary application areas of tarpaulin include covering the raw materials, especially coal and iron ore.

If you have been in fray for finding a one-stop destination for heavy duty, top-grade tarpaulins for the purpose of covering exposed raw-materials, you are at the right place! Known to offer strong, flexible, water resistant and flame retardant tarps manufactured from the high-quality raw, Mohan Tarp will provide an ideal solution for covering and protecting raw-materials from weather adversities.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy and durable
  • Fire retardant
  • No microbe attack
  • UV Stabilized
  • Waterproof
  • Budget-friendly

We can customize the shape and size of the tarpaulins to cater to the exclusive requirements of our clients. Contact us to discuss requisites. Request a quote or get in touch with us at +91 988-3738-647, +91-33-3250-5728, 2265-4853 to let us know about your requirements. You can also drop an e-mail at mohantarp@yahoo.com

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