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Mohan Tarp is the leading Vermi Bed Manufacturer in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Nepal & Bhutan. Vermibed is the modern day representative of vermicompost method. The vermibed is used for the production of quality vermi compost and vermi wash for organic farming. A definitive combination of sturdy and light weight construction, MohanTarp’s vermi compost bed is quite easy to install and boasts good aeration control. Compared to concrete vermibed, our hdpe vermi bed is light weight and easy to install and hence can be easily set up in any remote area. Today, all over Eastern India Mohan Tarp’s vermi compost units are among the best choice for all organic agricultural industries and farmers who seek to draw benefit from the higher yields resulting from vermi compost.

Mohan Tarp is one of the most reliable vermicompost beds supplier. Our vermicomposting bin can be set up just within few hours! These light weight vermi compost unit can be transported easily without renting heavy duty transportation vehicles. Along with the durability factor and ease of vermicompost bed installation, our products are inert to most chemicals, alkalis, acid and acid fumes. The heat sealed joints make them stronger and completely leak-proof. In case of any accidental tear, the perforation does not expand and is hence repairable. The vermibed we offer boasts ultrasonically welded super strong plastic eyelits or aluminum eyelits. Clients can avail vermibed in different colors and thickness, hence making it convenient to cover irregular shapes and sizes. We supply vermibed in different sizes such as 12x4x2, 8x4x2 as per BIS specification.

Special Features of our Vermi Bed product

  • Light weight yet tough
  • Easy to install
  • Inert to most chemicals, alkalis acid and acid fumes
  • UV stabilized
  • Heat sealed stronger joints
  • 100% leak-proof, rot-proof, weather-proof and water-proof
  • Completely repairable, in case of any unexpected wear and tear
  • Excellent tear/tensile/ puncture and impact resistant
  • Ultrasonically welded super strong plastic eyelits or aluminum eyelits.
  • 100% recyclable and environmental friendly
  • Cost-effective.

Request a quote or get in touch with us at + +91 988-3738-647, +91-33-3250-5728, 2265-4853 to let us know about your requirements. You can also drop an e-mail at mohantarp@yahoo.com.

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