Silpaulin Tarpaulin Plastic Covers

MohanTarp is the leading supplier of  of waterproof and highly durable silpaulin covers. These cap covers are multi-layered, cross-laminated and UV stabilized and manufactured by Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd– No 1 plastic company in India as per BIS 14611 standards. We have sold over 10,000  silpaulin plastic covers across East India, Nepal and Bhutan

cap covers

Cap Covers

Mohan Tarp is a well-known manufacturer of tailored and pre-stitched coverings. These cap covers are the best in terms of waterproofing and heat resistance. Cap covers are commonly used to protect raw materials, iron ore, coal, grain bags, cement, and fertilisers, among other things.

Cap Covers supplied by Mohan Tarp are preferred by Food Corporation of India and the allied agencies and other state warehousing department storage depots, for safe outdoor storage of food grains

machine covers

Machine  Covers

Mohan Trap offers a wide variety of machine covers that may be tailored to fit any type of machinery. These waterproof plastic coverings are used to keep machinery safe from water, dust, dents, and other environmental hazards. They are also commonly used in machine transportation. Silpaulin machine cover are completely waterproof, lightweight, and long-lasting.

raw material covers

Raw Material  Covers

Raw materials require protection from adverse weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain, intense summer sun rays, plus pests and insects. Our high quality silpaulin raw material covers are made with quality-controlled techniques and are widely used to protect raw materials such as coal, iron ore, cement, and so on.

brick kiln covers

Brick Kiln Covers

Raw bricks are readily harmed by moisture, thus it is critical to cover them with a high-quality waterproof tarpaulin. Mohan Tarp offers superior grade silpaulin raw brick covers manufactured of cross-laminated, multi-layered, UV stabilized . These brick kiln covers are completely waterproof, ensuring that the bricks are not harmed.



  • Manufactured by The Supreme Industries Pvt. Ltd, the No1 plastic company in India
  • As per BIS 14611 standards
  • Sizes:  Customisable according to customer’s requirements
  • Thickness:  Available in 35,70, 90 and 150 GSM
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