How to Buy the Best Quality Tarpaulin: Check the Top Features before you Buy it



For the last 30 years we have experienced a common enquiry from our customers. They are searching for a Best Quality Tarpaulin that is durable and able to serve their various purposes properly. Some people need tarpaulin for their agricultural usage to increase the yield, some people need it for their tennis court and some of them need it to cover their truck and carry the goods.

So being the best plastic tarpaulin supplier and dealer in eastern India and having this long time of experience of this product market, customer demand and problems we would like to share some words that can be really helpful to you further when you will buy your necessary the best quality tarpaulin.

Buying a best Plastic Tarpaulin contains a number of steps and understanding actually. The better you go through and understand the steps and variants the better you will be able to choose the tarp that will be able to serve you. So let’s know the steps first.

1.  Step 1: Know your Requirement and Purpose Clearly

This is the first and the most important step and tips as well that we would like to share with you. Know your need first.

You must know you need a tarpaulin for what.

Where will you use it and what do you expect this good to be.

You may need a tarp to cover your window from rain, or you would like to make a tent house out of it. Else you may need it for your Poly house or mulch film. As the area of application is really big for the tarpaulin, these points “What-Where-Why” must be clear to you before a successful purchase.

2.  Step 2: Knowledge of Tarpaulin Available in Market:

If you are going to tarpaulin market, getting confused is not a big deal. Here for this step either you must consult and take a suggestion from an expert, or you must have bit knowledge of the tarpaulin available in market.  We are taking a chance to represent a table to you that can share some idea of tarpaulin in market:

As we can figure out 80% of the tarpaulin market is conquered by Plastic tarpaulin and another 20% is under PVC tarpaulin.

Plastic Tarpaulin contains with 3 types of tarps:

  • XF tarp
  • LDPE tarp
  • Woven / HDPE Tarp
PVC Tarpaulin contains with 2 types of tarps:
  • PVC Coated tarp
  • PVC Laminated tarp

Cotton & Jute Tarpaulins are almost out of market.

XF Tarpaulin or Cross laminated Tarpaulin sheet which is made in a criss-cross laminated pattern and placed one over the other using the state-of-the-art, patented, cold-roll technique. The cross-lamination and cross-bonding technique makes this type of tarp highly durable, light-weight yet extremely tough, strong & flexible. It is easily distinguished from the others by the unique diamond shaped pattern on the surface.

The best one of this quality now a day is made by Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd- No 1 plastic company in India as per BIS 14611 named Silpaulin. This is highly recommended by experts to use as cross laminated daily usage tarpaulin.

The average market price of a Cross laminated tirpal / tripal is Rs. 4 per sq ft. although it depends on the specific GSM (Gram per sq meter) as per your need. For this are you must talk to a vendor or expert who has a deep knowledge of it.

LDPE tarpaulin sheet is cheapest in market. LDPE tarp is mainly used for protective covering from harsh weather for domestic and industrial purposes if something thin can go with your need. As LDPE tarpaulins are cheap and good for one time use, these are often used for construction sites. This comes in a Roll as well. So, it becomes easier to use it for marketing purposes like billboards, advertisement banners etc. Although these are perfect for packing purpose.

You can get this type of tirpal by as low as Rs. 2.50 per sq. ft in market.

HDPE or Woven tarpaulin sheet is known for heavy and thicker tarpaulin. This material is cheap enough. People call HDPE tarp is a 100% waterproof a Cheap XF tarp. HDPE tarpaulin is a LLDP or LDPE mesh with a HDPE layer lamination. So, this is perfect for a thick tarp usage if you need any like pond liner.

You can get this type of tarpaulin by as low as Rs. 3 per sq. ft in market.

PVC is Polyvinyl chloride. A PVC Coated Tarpaulin is the most durable, strong & tough tarpaulin ever. This is made of a fabric inward with knife coating of polyester resin just like the Bread butter concept on both sides. This concept makes it inseparable, waterproof and highly strong.

By another side PVC has another tarp as well that is named PVC Hot Laminated Tarpaulin. This is a lamination of 3 layers. A fabric within and 2 pieces of PVC both sides. This is not inseparable obviously but hard enough.

Not only 100 % waterproof, but the high density of this tarp also makes it Fire Retardant.

Normally, this is a perfect use for industrial purpose, tent and sports appliances. Also, a goods cover of vehicle like moving truck also needs a PVC tarp if the valuable needs a real protection.

Well, this is really costly. In market you will get it by Rs. 15 per sq ft. The cost returns you back as well. This tarp is completely repairable. So, if you are able to maintain this, you can play a long-term match with this.

Knowledge of Tarpaulin Application:

So, from the previous step, you know that tarpaulin is a raw material itself. The usage of plastic tarpaulin started long back from 17th century with the sailors and now with lots of steps and revolution we have reached to an Era of Tarpaulin. It’s really hard to make a proper segment of the usage. Although looking at the behavioral, usage and enquiry we have tried to panelize it for the help of customer.

For the help of our consumer usage and understanding we have divided the application area of tarpaulin in 5 major categories:

  1. Agricultural Purpose and Usage
  2. Industrial Purpose and Usage
  3. Tent House and Transporter Usage
  4. Sports Application Usage
  5. Miscellaneous Usage

a.  Agricultural purpose & Usage:

If you need a tarpaulin for your agricultural usage and purposes like, Green House, Poly House, Azolla Sheet, Vermibed, Mulch Film, Garden Bed, Fumigation Cover etc. For this purpose, you will need a tarpaulin which is 100% Waterproof and must be UV stabilized.

So, what does it mean by “UV Stabilized”

UV Stabilization is a special quality of a tirpal by which it protects goods under it from harmful UV rays of sun. These tarps contain a special layer of 2-hydroxy-benzophenone and 2-hydroxy-benzotriazole derivatives which protects the tarpaulin and delayed the UV destruction.

Expert suggestion for this area:

XF or Cross laminated tarpaulin with UV stabilization, HDPE tarpaulin

a. Industrial Purpose and Usage:

If your focus area is “Industry” you need a high GSM tarpaulin that is really hard and able to provide a proper safety. So you need a hard and tough tarp here, which is waterproof and fire retardant as well.

Expert suggestion for this area:

PVC Tarpaulin (Coated or Hot Laminated) with FR quality: protarp

 XF with high GSM somewhere (Silpaulin)

a. Tent House and Transporter Usage:

If your need is a tent house, this is clear to us that you are travelling. So, you need something that is weatherproof, waterproof and portable. For transport usage you need something really hard and able to provide a proper safety. So you need a hard and tough tarp here, which is easy to carry as well.

Expert suggestion for this area:

PVC Tarpaulin (Coated or Hot Laminated): Protarp,

 XF with high GSM somewhere (Silpaulin)

a.  Sports Application Usage:

Sports are hard, so it needs a hard tarp. Maybe it’s a pitch cover or a tennis screen, if the fabric is not hard enough it will be destroyed easily. Along with that it needs safety too.

Expert suggestion for this area:

PVC Tarpaulin (Coated or Hot Laminated): Protarp

a. Miscellaneous:

We believe there are so many usages also beside these areas like pond liner, poultry curtain, shop cover, Raw material cover etc. Actually, there are uncountable usages of tarpaulin are there. So, we take is as “common”

Expert suggestion for this area:

So now you know a lot, follow the steps and buy your first tarp successfully.

!!! Go and try it now!!!

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