Fire Retardant Tarpaulin

Fire Proof Tarpaulin / Fire Resistant Cloth

A FireProof Tarpaulin or Fire Retardant Tarpaulin is a type of tirpal or fabric with a fireproof coating by which fire risk can be managed. These are generally PVC Coated polyester tarpaulin sheets made from nylon and polyester fabric, coated with Polyethylene resin on both sides. A flameproof tarp makes a hole in it and prevents the scattering of the fire source. The fire resistance feature of this specialized tarpaulin is useful in a lot of industries that deal in hazardous materials. It also finds application in protection against static electricity, covering construction machinery, welding curtains, paint booth curtains, warehouse partition curtains, etc. This type of fire-resistant tarpaulin is widely used in different defense organizations to cover arms and ammunition, including the Indian Army.

Mohan Tarp is a leading supplier of premium quality PVC fire retardant tarpaulin. These UV-stabilized tarpaulins are manufactured with 100% virgin polymer granules. So that the tarp is completely repairable by heat sealing only. We offer a premium quality PVC Coated fireproof, heat resistant, and 100% waterproof plastic tripal sheet which is flexible and resilient although very cost-effective. It remains with its properties even if it rains heavily. With its fire-resistant property, it is also fungus and termite resistant. So this tirpal is really premium as per its usability in Chemical Plants, Welding Factories, Pharmaceutical Plants, etc.

For the best result in flame resistance, we recommend buying fire retardant fabric in 550 GSM, 650 GSM, or 760 GSM. We sell all these fireproof cloth with proper certificates and in any customized size you required. We have sold fire retardant tarps of more than 100000 square meters in India and abroad.



  • Certified As per BIS 3768
  • PVC Polyester Coated (both sides) Tarpaulin is recommended for flame resistance
  • Available in attractive colors
  • GSM Available: 550 GSM, 650 GSM, 760 GSM (with Certificate)
  • Size Available: As per customer requirement
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