GreenPro Greenhouse Film

Plastic Greenhouse Sheet

We deal in GreenPro greenhouse films which comes in 200 & 100 micron with 07-layer technology. These specials greenhouse sheets / films are totally made in India product and highly effective. 

Benefits of agricultural greenhouse plastic films:

  • Reduction of viral and fungal attacks.
  • Reduction of water usage.
  • Protection from biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Reduction of pest attacks.



  • Types – Clear, Cool and Rosa

Other Features

  • High light transmission and optimum diffusion
  • Films with excellent UV, IR, and Thermal stability
  • Anti-dust helps to keep the film clean
  • Anti-drip / fog reduces water droplets for
  • protection from diseases
  • UV blocking gives anti-petal blackening and
  • Anti-virus effect
  • IR reaction helps in temperature reduction
  • IR thermic helps to trap heat inside the greenhouse
  • Anti-Sulphur / Chlorine properties provide protection against pesticides
  • Improved Mechanical strength: impact strength, tear resistance, flex crack & ESCR increase the life of the film
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