Ring Blower


Ring Blower Pump

Biofloc fish farming requires a steady supply of oxygen which can be provided with aerator pumps. KisanFlex provides high quality aerator pumps for biofloc tank setups and other purposes. We have already sold over 500 pumps across various states in India.

Ring Blower pumps provide uninterrupted supply of air to biofloc tanks using a direct drive induction motor. The air from these pumps are pollutant free since they do not need any oil-lubrication. Though ring blower pumps  have a compact design, they produce powerful airflow. They are cost effective and durable. These pumps are best suited for large-scale biofloc tank ecosystems.


  • High air volume
  • Suitable for large-scale BioFloc & RAS setup
  • Sturdy and durable
Brand: MANEK Engineering (INDIAN)
Model Name Power Consumption Flow Rate Air Pressure
1 HP 750W 145 m3/hr 150 mbar
1.5 HP 1100W 210 m3/hr 195 mbar
2 HP 1500W 210 m3/hr 205 mbar
3 HP 2200W 220 m3/hr 270 mbar
Model Name Power Consumption Flow Rate Air Pressure
PG 750 750W 120 m3/hr <24kPa
PG 1100 11000W 180 m3/hr <28kPa
HG 1500c 1500W 210 m3/hr <30kPa
PG 2200 2200W 220 m3/hr <30kPa
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