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KisanFlex is the one-stop solution provider for Biofloc Fish Farming and all related products like PVC biofloc tanks, pumps, testing equipment, and aeration equipment. We are the leading manufacturer of Kisanflex Biofloc Fish farming Tank made of very strong, leakage-proof, wrinkle-proof, durable, and long-lasting non-migratory, food-graded PVC tarpaulin, ideal for the tank. Customization for Special Tanks depending on the various purposes, applications & requirements available to us with various GSM, Dia, and capacity. To provide more strength to the tank we supply wire mesh and for more internal protection, we supply HDPE Protective Liner to protect from different external weather conditions we supply shade nets as accessories.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Biofloc Air Pumps. Electromagnetic Pump, Diaphragm Pumps, Ring Blower, and Root Blower of different brands like Resun, Sunsun, etc. are available to us along with proper technical consultation. For aeration solutions and DO management in the water we supply Airoxi systems and Air stones and accessories.

Once you are ready with your biofloc set up maintenance is very important for better yield and profitability. Maintenance of water health is very important and that is possible by using testing equipment supplied by us that includes Alkalinity Test Kit, Ammonia Test Kit, API Master Kit, Lifesonic Hardness Kit, DO kit, PH kit, PH meter, Imhoff Cone, Digital Temperature Meter, TDS meter, etc. The best floc-based organic probiotic feed Humifloc is available to us.

Aquafarming is very easy with Kisanflex today. No matter if you haven’t any prior knowledge, bigger space, or huge fund. All type of Eco-friendly indoor fish farming, remote fish farming, and shrimp culture is possible with us with a total cost-benefit ratio.

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