PVC Hot Laminated Tarpaulin

PVC Hot Laminated Tarpaulin Suppliers in India

Mohan Tarp is a leading supplier of PVC Hot Laminated tarpaulin in Kolkata, as well as in eastern India, including Andaman Nicobar, Nepal, and Bhutan. We are the best consultant as well for the last decades who can guide you properly with skilled deep knowledge and veteran experience for which of the variants you must go for your purpose for the best result.

PVC Laminated plastic tirpal is a high-strength polyester plastic tarpaulin sheet covers with a hot lamination of nylon and polyester coating on both sides by using the bread butter technique. The lamination makes these plastic tirpal 100% waterproof and windproof and strong. These UV-stabilized plastic tripals are able to protect goods from all natural hazards. Moreover, both sides of hot lamination enhance the fabric strength further which becomes really tough and tear-proof. Being manufactured with 100% virgin polymer granules the tarp is completely repairable.

We offer a premium quality PVC Laminated waterproof plastic tarpaulin which is flexible and resilient although very cost-effective.

 We supply PVC Laminated fabrics of 450GSM, available in both Sheets and Ready Rolls format. Customers can customize the size of the tarp as per their requirements.
As the fabric is having specialty in firmness and protection, it has wide usage in Covering materials for construction sites and houses, making Outdoor Tents, Exhibition hangers cover, Covering Trucks, Containers, Mandap or Pandal covers, etc. We have experienced selling 24 feet x 18 feet and 30 feet x 21 feet and 30 feet x 24 feet tirpal for decorators several times. The product has a huge demand for covering trucks as well.

Having superior quality, the product lasts for 2-3 years almost.

We also provide specialized products like Blackout fabric and Fire Retardant Tarpaulin.

We have supplied more than 15 lakh square meters of premium quality PVC Laminated tarpaulin sheets to our satisfied customers.

Generally sold Decorator’s sizes tarpaulin





Generally sold Transport sizes tarpaulin









SIZE: Colours and sizes can be customised according to customer’s preference.

Both sides laminated PVC tarpaulin available

Available in: 450 GSM PVC Tarpaulin

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