Silpaulin Tarpaulin Fumigation Cover

Silpaulin Fumigation Plastic Sheets

Mohan Tarp offers a large range of weather-resistant and long-lasting Silpaulin Fumigation Covers. Fumigation tarpaulin covers can be used in warehouses to protect agricultural goods from heat, moisture, pests, rats, and other infestations.

Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd, India’s No. 1 plastic firm, manufactures silpaulin fumigation sheet that are multi-layered, cross-laminated, and UV stabilized in accordance with BIS 14611 specifications.

We provide corp fumigation covering sheets to protect your crop from insect and harsh weather on a regular basis to the Food Corporation of India, different state governments, and central and state storage organizations. We can tailor these covers to our clients’ specifications.



  • Manufactured by The Supreme Industries Pvt. Ltd, the No1 plastic company in India
  • As per BIS 14611 standards
  • Thickness: 120, 150, 200, 250 GSM
  • Sizes: Standard size- 32’ X 21’ X 17’

 Also available in customisable sizes according to customer’s requirements

Other Features

  • Ultrasonically welded super strong eyelets
  • Inert to most chemicals, alkalis, acids and acid fumes
  • Excellent gas retention properties for better fumigation
  • Fumigation covers have attached funnels
  • Flexible and convenient for covering irregular shapes and sizes 
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