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PVC is Polyvinyl chloride. A PVC Coated Tarpaulin is the most durable, strong & tough tarpaulin ever. The plastic tarpaulin sheet made of fabric inward with a knife coating of polyester resin just like the Bread butter concept on both sides. This concept makes it inseparable, waterproof, and highly strong. PVC tarpaulin comes in generally 450 GSM and different standard sizes i.e., 15×12, 18×15, 24×18, and also can be customized as per customer requirement as PVC tarpaulins are mainly used for Truck Tarpaulin Covers, Pandal or Decorator Tarpaulin, Cricket Pitch Cover and Tennis Screen Separator Cover. PVC tarpaulins are used as Fire Retardant Tarp when it comes in 750 GSM and more than that.

LDPE tarpaulin sheet is the cheapest in the market. LDPE tarp is mainly used for protective covering from harsh weather for domestic and industrial purposes if something thin can go with your needs. We have Supreme Saathi for LDPE tarpaulin and roll in some limited standard sizes like 9×6, 12×9, 15×12, etc. Customization is not available for this tirpal.

HDPE or Woven tarpaulin sheet is known for heavy and thicker tarpaulin. This material is cheap enough. People call HDPE tarps 100% waterproof, a Cheap XF tarp. HDPE tarpaulin is an LLDP or LDPE mesh with an HDPE layer lamination. So, this is perfect for thick tirpal usage if you need anything like an HDPE pond liner. This is available in different standard size i.e.,9×6, 15×12, 18×15, and all the custom sizes as per requirement.

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