Kisanflex PVC Biofloc Fish Farming Tanks


PVC Coated Biofloc Fish Farming Tarpaulin Tanks

The PVC Biofloc Tanks from  KisanFlex are manufactured using the best and high quality PVC tarpaulin. These biofloc tarpaulin fish tanks are well-built and can be customized according to your requirements.

Main Features of KisanFlex  PVC coated biofloc fish farming tanks are:

  • They are wrinkle-proof and can withstand water pressure better as they are welded with 3D technology, using Seamtek machines from Switzerland.
  • They are manufactured from food-grade, non-migratory PVC Polymer fabric of 650 GSM, ideal for Biofloc fish tanks.
  • They can be customized as per your requirement of shapes and sizes. (2m to 10 m in diameter)
  • The tanks are highly durable as they have only one welded joint that is strengthened with a PVC film.
  • They are sturdy as they come with 6mm thick ropes and brass eyelets.
  • They are also provided with a 500 micron HDPE protective liner which adds extra protection.

We have already installed over 15000 tanks all over India.



  • Available in: 550GSM, 650GSM, 750GSM, 850GSM, 1050GSM
  • Size: 4000 litres to 100000 litres capacity. Customisable according to customer’s requirements
  • Material: PVC coated tarpaulin fabric
  • Warranty: Upto 5 years*
  • Durability: Upto 10 years*
  • Made in India

*T&C Apply

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