Pitch Cover / Ground Covers

PVC Coated Cricket Pitch Cover / Ground Rain Covers 

A PVC cricket pitch cover is a waterproof cover made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and is designed to protect a cricket pitch or indoor and outdoor ground from rain or other inclement weather or hazardous conditions. The cover is typically placed over the pitch and the premium quality of the cover secures to the ground to prevent it from blowing away.

PVC is a popular and premium material for cricket pitch covers and ground covers because it is lightweight, durable, and 100% resistant to water and other weather elements like sun or wind. Additionally, 100% virgin material made PVC covers are relatively easy to clean and maintain, making them a popular choice for cricket groundskeepers and teams. These covers need very less maintenance and stay sturdy, durable, and protective for years. 

When purchasing a PVC cricket pitch rain cover, it is important to consider the size of the cover to ensure that it fits properly over the pitch. It is also important to choose a cover that is designed to withstand heavy rain and wind to ensure that the pitch is properly protected during inclement weather conditions.

Mohan Tarp is the market leader in premium quality cricket pitch covers and offers a perfect solution for protecting Indoor and Outdoor Grounds.

We have sold over 500 pieces of pitch cover throughout India to notable cricket associations like The Cricket Association of Bengal, Odisha Cricket Association, Hyderabad Cricket Association, Eastern Railways Sports Association, and many more.

  • The cricket Association of Bengal
  • Goa cricket Association
  • Odisha cricket Association
  • Uttar Pradesh cricket Association
  • Assam cricket Association
  • The Hyderabad cricket Association
  • Eastern railway sports Association
  • Punjab cricket Association
  • Jharkhand state cricket Association
  • Twenty two yard sports Pvt Ltd
  • Gujarat cricket association
  • Essel sports Pvt Ltd
  • Baroda cricket Association
  • ABP Pvt Ltd
  • The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association
  • SGVP Surya sports academy
  • District Sports Association
  • Tripura cricket Association
  • Cricket Association of Nepal



  • We offer films for pitch covers (both indoors and outdoors) in different specifications as per the customization requests
  • Thickness: 650 GSM is recommended for pitch covers. Other GSMs also available
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