Electromagnetic Aerator Pumps

electromagnetic pumps

Electromagnetic Aeration Pumps for Biofloc Aquaculture 

Biofloc fish farming requires a steady supply of oxygen which can be provided with aerator pumps. Aeration pumps are submersible pumps that are widely used to supply air into water. KisanFlex provides high quality aerator pumps for biofloc tank setups and other purposes. We have already sold over 500 pumps across various states in India.

Electromagnetic pumps are used to pump air using electromagnetic linear motors. They are highly efficient and durable for small biofloc tank set ups.


  • Efficient and durable
  • Suitable for small BioFloc setup
  • Economic and affordable

Brand: RESUN

Model NamePower ConsumptionFlow Rate
ACO 00335W3900 L/hr
ACO 00680W5280 L/hr
ACO 008120W6600 L/hr
ACO 010200W8100 L/hr
ACO 012350W8580 L/hr


Model NamePower ConsumptionFlow Rate
ACO 012185W9000 L/hr
ACO 818385W21000 L/hr
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