Silpaulin Tarpaulin Azolla Sheet

Silpaulin Azolla Farming Plastic Sheet

Azolla is a free-floating aquatic fern with high protein and lignin content, which makes it a suitable cost-effective feed for livestock. Rice cultivators also use it as bio-fertilizer for better productivity and quality of grains.

The Azolla sheets from Mohan Tarp are of premium quality, budget-friendly, multi-layered, cross-laminated and UV stabilized Silpaulin sheets. Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd, the leading plastic company of India as per BIS 1461 standards manufactures these high-quality sheets.

They are durable, resistant to impact and have high tensile strength.

The Azolla cultivation sheets from Mohan Tarp are the most preferred option for many NGOs and various animal husbandry departments.



  • Manufactured by The Supreme Industries Pvt. Ltd, the No1 plastic company in India
  • As per BIS 14611 standards
  • Available in 70, 90 and 120 GSM. (120 GSM is the most preferred option)
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