Rhinomat  HDPE Woven Geomembrane Pond Liner

HDPE Woven Geomembrane Pond Lining Sheets

Mohan Tarp is one of the leading suppliers of Rhinomat high-quality, woven, HDPE pond liners as per BIS 15351. These geomembrane liners are made from high-density polyethylene material, which is a durable and robust polymer known for its excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance, and flexibility. 

The HDPE woven pond lining films is appropriate for domestic as well as commercial purposes like fish-farming pond, water storage, irrigation pond, industry effluents treatment tanks etc. The HDPE geomembrane sheet is UV stabilized, does not react with most chemicals and also provides proper protection against bacteria or mold growth.



  • BIS 15351
  • Available in 500 Micron and 300 Micron
  • Sizes: Available as per customers’ requirements
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