Suncool Mulch Film

Plastic Mulch Films Supplier

Mohan Tarp is a leading supplier of Suncool brand Mulch Films. Our Plastic mulching sheets is manufactured with advanced five layered films in embossed and non-embossed patterns that provide extra strength & stress-free field lay-on.

These plastic agriculture mulch films are an excellent solution to reduce rapid weed growth, pest and insect infestation which are a major concern for farmers.

These mulching sheets  have special reflective property that repels insects and prevents temperature variations in the soil. The black side is opaque and eliminates weeds growth with light unavailability.

We have supplied over 25,00,000 square meters of mulch film to our customers.



  • Thickness: 20 microns to 100 microns
  • Width: 2 ft. to 8 ft. / 0.6 meters to 1.5 meters
  • Length: 400 meters to 800 meters
  • Film Color: Transparent, Black, Silver-black, Black-white
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