35 GSM Silpoly Liner


35 GSM Silpoly  Liner

Silpoly liners are a perfect substitute for the traditional LDPE sheet. Silpoly liner sheets are mainly used in warehouses, architectural works, industrial machines and automotive coverings, agricultural fields, construction sites, etc. 

It provides high coverage area; hence it is more economical than other films.

Silpoly 35 GSM are cross-laminated, multi-layered, UV stabilized and manufactured by Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd- No 1 plastic company in India as per BIS 14611 standards.


  • A perfect substitute of traditional LDPE sheet
  • Covering of cement at construction site
  • Lining of roof house made of mud
  • Covering of mud mixture used for making bricks
  • Covering of raw / dried bricks
  • Waterproof packing of cardboard boxes
  • Floor underlay for go-downs / warehouses
  • Low cost poultry side covers
  • Low cost poly house
  • Covering Food grains
  • Temporary shed cover for hawkers
  • Low Cost Covers
  • Raincoats & many more


100% Virgin Polymer
100% Water proof
UV Stabilized
Premium Quality
Multilayered & Cross Laminated
Sturdy & Durable



  • Manufactured by The Supreme Industries Pvt. Ltd, the No1 plastic company in India
  • As per BIS 14611-2016 standards
  • Available in multiple colour options
  • Sizes:
    • 100m x 9ft
    • 150m x 6ft
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