GreenPro Apron / Skirting Films

Apron / Skirting Films uses in Greenhouse

We are the leading supplier of best brand and premium quality GreenPro Skirting / apron Films
in eastern India. This apron films are basically used in green house to protect the
film exposed to soil; it is placed at the bottom part of the Green House. It is.
used for to protect the greenhouse film from soil as well as insect and germs.

Benefits –

Huge increase in yields as well as produce quality

 Major cut in use of pesticides

 Lower farming costs

 Better prices with crops round the year


  • UV stabilized
  • Long Life
  • Durable
  • Anti-Drip
  • Flexible
  • Dust Resistant


  • Skirting film comes in 1.5 m x 100 m – 150 GSM

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