Suncool LDPE Grow Bags

 LDPE Grow Bags for Gardening Plant

Mohan Tarp offers premium quality Suncool branded LDPE Grow Bags, manufactured with special multi-layer co-extrusion technique from superior quality raw material. These types of LDPE gardening grow bags provide excellent aeration and drainage for strong healthy root systems. The eco-friendly design makes it reusable and can be folded flat for storage. 

Suncool’s ready-to-use garden / plant grow bags help to reduce wastage of water as water is supplied via a dripper pipe and can be easily installed inside the greenhouse saving both time and labour.


  • For better plant health, proper drainage from the Grow Bags should be maintained.
  • Thorough disinfection of LDPE Grow Bags is highly recommended between crop seasons to avoid pest infestation and plant diseases.

We have provided over 1lakh plus Suncool ldpe grow bags for various agricultural and horticultural uses, which is comes in 150 micron and in dual colour (outside white and inside black)



  • Size & Weight: According to customers’ expansion requirements after adding water
  • Film Appearance: White-Black or Black-black
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