Suncool Greenhouse Film

Agricultural Greenhouse Poly Film

Greenhouse is important tools for protective cultivation which offers increase yield and production quality.

Mohan Tarp is the leading supplier of premium quality Suncool branded plastic greenhouse film which optimizes light transmittance and reduces temperature fluctuations.

The Suncool range offers a wide choice of crystal and diffusing agricultural uv films designed to suit different crop varieties. Diffusing films are specifically designed for high- value crops – optimize photosynthesis, reduce burns and promote early harvest.  Crystal films are designed to help in optimal absorption of sunlight for low- value crops. 

We have supplied over 10,00,000 square meters of greenhouse plastic film to our customers across East India



  • Suncool – 3201
    Film Properties- Clear 
    Appearance- Transparent (Clear)
  • Suncool 3201 Super
    Film Properties- Diffused (20%)
    Appearance- White Translucent
  • Suncool 3202
    Film Properties- Diffused Cooling (70%)
    Appearance- White Translucent

Other Features

  • BIS 15827:2019
  • Optimal insulation and cooling
  • Material is inert to most chemicals
  • 1 to 5 years warranty available (which may vary, according to location and usage.)

Available Sizes:

Width: 4.5 Mtr., 5.5 Mtr., 7 Mtr., 9 Mtr.

Length: As per customer’s requirements.

Suncool 3211 (Apron Film 200 GSM)
Specification – (Apron Film for Green House)
1.5 Meter Width x 200 Meter Length – 200 GSM (Thickness)

Suncool 3214
Specification – Green House Drainage Sheet UV Stabilized, Heavy Duty, Flexible
600 mm width x 200 Meter Length – 1.40 mm (Thickness) – comes in running meter. 

Suncool Tape Roll / Repair Tape
• 3 inch width x 25 Meter
• 4 inch width x 25 meter

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