Waterproof  Truck Tarpaulin

Lorry Tarpaulin / Heavy-Duty Truck Rain Cover

A Lorry Tarpaulin or Waterproof Truck Tarpaulin is a heavy-duty tarp or fabric used to protect the goods in cargo while transporting. These are generally PVC Coated polyester tarpaulin sheets made from nylon and polyester fabric, coated with Polyethylene resin on both sides or High-density Polyethylene thermoplastic sheets which have the most robust surface durability. This coating of premium material makes the tarp exceptionally strong, 100% waterproof, all-weather resistant, and windproof. Being a heavy-duty PVC-coated truck tarp also has a bit of fire-resistant properties. Premium truck tarpaulins are designed with all these features that ensure the tarpaulin withstands all hazardous elements and situations in order to protect the cargo in the truck or trailer.

Mohan Tarp is a leading supplier of premium quality truck tarps or lorry tarpaulins. These UV-stabilized tarpaulins are manufactured with 100% virgin polymer granules. So, they are very strong, durable, and completely repairable.

Truck Covers are made of both PVC and HDPE. For HDPE truck tarpaulins 170GSM – 250 GSM and for premium PVC heavy-duty truck tarps around 450 GSM is recommended. All the tarpaulin sheets come with strong metal eyelets. By the eyelets and ropes different sized tarpaulin sheets are attached to the truck as a protective cover.

Generally sold Transport sizes tarpaulin







It has a wide application in the protection of construction machinery, defense organizations’ arms and ammunition, domestic appliances, vegetables, grains, etc while transporting loose or in bulk items. A truck tarpaulin not only protects the cargo from rough weather, and pollution but also secures the products with all the regulations.

Mohan Tarp has sold 25,00,000 truck tarpaulins so far to all the satisfied customers of Eastern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Andaman & Nicobar Island.



  • Size: Customised as per customer’s requirements
  • Thickness: Around 450 GSM is recommended for premium PVC Cover. 170 GSM – 250 GSM is recommended for HDPE Cover. Other GSMs are available.
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