Silpaulin Star – A Stellar Performance

Silpaulin has been the most trusted brand which dominated the tarpaulin industry for more than 30 years now. Supreme Industries Ltd, the No. 1 plastics manufacturer in India, revolutionized the tarpaulin industry with Silpaulin – manufactured with “World Star” award-winning patented Swiss technology. Cross-laminated, multi-layered Silpaulin Star is the only tarpaulin brand in the market that has the highest weight to strength ratio.


Silpaulin Star - A Steller Performance
Silpaulin Star – A Steller Performance

Owing to its unique attributes, Silpaulin proved itself to be the highest-selling protective silpaulin tarpaulin fabric for over three decades in the Asian continent. With time, the brand’s competitors used the technology to modify their own products. To maintain authenticity, quality and live up to its brand name, Supreme Industries Ltd. has recently launched an advanced variant of Silpaulin- the ‘Silpaulin Star’.

With all the inherent qualities of its predecessor, the multi-layered, cross-laminated, cross bonded, UV stabilized Silpaulin Star is the “next-gen” tarpaulin. The new and advanced patented cross-bonding technology makes it stand out in terms of quality and strength. It’s, just like Silpaulin, has the highest weight to strength ratio compared to other products available in the market today.

The cross-bonding technique used to manufacture this product is the latest innovation, patented by Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd. This unique feature makes the product stronger and more durable than the parent product, Silpaulin. Made from 100% virgin polymer, it is lightweight yet strong and provides long-lasting durability. It is 100% waterproof.

Now, let us see how we can easily distinguish Silpaulin Star from Silpaulin itself and all other rival products-
  • Diamond Shape pattern (criss-cross design) on the surface
  • Original ‘Pahelwan’ Logo
  • Original Supreme logo
  • Silpaulin Star Logo

All the logos are clearly visible on the neutral colored, heat-sealed sticker at the corner of the fabric.

It’s from the house of Supreme Industries Ltd- the No.1 plastics manufacturer in India, is setting new standards in the tarpaulin industry. Due to the outstanding quality and technology, Mohan Tarp has been associated with Supreme Industries for more than 30 years.

Mohn Tarp is the sole distributor of Silpaulin and Silpaulin Star in the whole Eastern Indian region (West Bengal, Bihar & Orissa) as well as Nepal & Bhutan, Andaman. You may call us biased, but we strongly believe that with its unique innovation and the patented, cross-bonding technology, it is set to become the highest-selling, premium-grade tarpaulin in the years to come.



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