Steps Vermi Compost Bed Dealers Follow To Manufacture the Product

As the name suggests, Vermibed is the bedding (bed) of earthworms (vermes). It is the medium through which compost technology is used nowadays. Being light the product is not only easy to install but is also used to enhance aeration control. The product is mainly referred to by agricultural farmers willing to enjoy higher yields by using vermicompost.




Preparation of Vermi Compost Bed

  • A layer of moist soil is placed above a thin layer of coarse sand and broken bricks.
  • Earthworms are put in the soil. Around 150 earthworms are introduced in a vermibed having a thickness of 20cm.
  • Fresh cow dung is randomly placed over the material.
  • It is layered with dried leaves, waste biomass, and chopped straw.
  • Care is taken not to make the product too dry or wet. To keep away birds, the pit is covered with jute bags or coconut leaves.
  • No plastic sheets are used as they are capable of trapping heat.
  • The pit is watered at regular interval for around 1 month.
  • Pre-digested wet organic waste is collected before spreading over the pit. This is done twice weekly.
  • The waste is periodically turned and mixed with a spade.
  • When the weather is too dry the pit is watered frequently.


Harvesting Of Vermi Compost Bed

  • The material is supposed to be ready when the particles become loose, and the color turns dark brown.
  • In the next 2 or 3 months, the top layer of the product shows signs of earthworm casting. This is when Vermi Compost Bed Dealers harvest the vermicomposting from the pit.
  • To separate the worms, the bed is not watered 2-3 days before it is emptied.
  • Being the thicker material, earthworms are also separated through meshes.
  • The product smells like natural soil. A bad odour signifies the process of bacterial formation is still going on. To avoid this more fibrous material is added.
  • The material after harvesting is put in a heap under the sun to make the worms shift to the cooler base.
  • Watering is stopped in the 4th pit system to make the worms move to a chamber where the environment is suitable for them to grow in a cyclic manner.


Precaution To Be Followed

  • Moisture content should never exceed 50% as water logging can cause anaerobic condition.
  • The temperature should range between 20 to 30°C.
  • No worms should be injured while handling it.
  • Predators like white ants, red ants, and centipedes should be kept away.
  • No chemical, plastic, or pesticides should be there in the organic wastes.


Advantages of Vermi Composting Beds:

It can be set up within few hours.

  1. Transported easily without using heavy transportation vehicles.
  2. They are durable, easy to install, stronger and leak-proof.
  3. Recyclable, Eco-friendly, and completely repairable.

No wonder, more and more consumers are making use of the product and its demand is increasing with each passing year.

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