Agricultural Tarpaulin Usage in Agriculture & Horticulture Sectors

Agricultural Tarpaulin means the “The Tirpal that is used for Agricultural works”. As India and the Asian subcontinent countries are financially focused on agricultural farmers need to be very careful about farming. Moreover, the area has a diverse weather condition, tarpaulin usage and protective agriculture is growing and getting more importance day by day. Here tarpaulins are necessity for farming mainly to protect the crops from scratching heat, dust and rain sometime.


Agricultural Tarpaulin Usage in Agriculture & Horticulture Sectors
Agricultural Tarpaulin Usage in Agriculture & Horticulture Sectors

For usage of tarpaulin in agriculture and horticulture it must have some traits like, UV resistance, waterproofing and weatherproofing quality. It must be leaking proof, light weight and easily usable and repairable as well. Durability is an important trait of Indian agriculture tarpaulin as it must be affordable for poor farmers.

Having all the quality multilayered cross laminated and ultrasonically welded with supersonic eyelets Silpaulin can be the best choice for Indian agricultural usage.

Some main usage of tarpaulin in agriculture & horticulture:

  • Azolla Sheet
  • Vermibed
  • Polyhouse film
  • Fumigation Cover
  • Poultry Curtain
  • Garden Bed
  • Grow Bag
  • Dying Sheet
  • Agriculture Machinery Cover

Usage for Aquaculture:

Pond Lining Sheets

Some plastic film & nets:

Azolla Sheets:

Azolla is a free-floating aquatic fern with high protein and lignin content, which makes it a suitable cost-effective feed for livestock. Rice cultivators also use it as bio-fertilizer for better productivity and quality of grains. The Azolla cultivation sheets from Mohan Tarp are the most preferred option for many NGOs and various animal husbandry departments. They are durable, resistant to impact and have high tensile strength.


Vermicomposting contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in gardening and sustainable, organic farming. The Vermicompost beds are the most preferred option for agricultural practice to ensure higher yield and productivity. We have provided over 1000 Vermibed to satisfied customers.

Polyhouse Film:

Polyhouse film is the tarp that protects plants and crops from harsh climatic conditions and maintains a stable temperature inside the structure. These plastic polyhouse sheets are cross-laminated, UV stabilized, moisture-resistant. We have a wide variety of products such as polyhouse plastic roll, polyhouse poly film, polyhouse sheet along with polyhouse covering materials. We have sold more than 70 Lakh square meters of these films across East India, Nepal and Bhutan

Fumigation Cover:

Fumigation tarpaulin covers can be used in warehouses to protect agricultural goods from heat, moisture, pests, rats etc. These fumigation covers from Mohan Tarp are the most preferred option as crop fumigation covering sheets to protect your crop from insect and harsh weather. It has excellent gas retention properties for better fumigation

Poultry Curtain:

Poultry Curtains are used to protect chicks and animals from heat, moisture, pests, rats etc. These curtains from are the most preferred chicken house curtains safeguards animals against harsh climatic and environmental conditions. We have successfully sold over 3000 pieces of poultry house side curtains across East India, Nepal and Bhutan.


Mohan tarp is the one of the best choices you can go for your tarpaulin needs. We are one of the prominent agricultural tarpaulin suppliers. Our comprehensive array includes Pond lining Sheets, Azolla sheet, Mulching sheet & Vermibed. The pond lining covers are made of HDPE fabrics and cater the requirements of Indian farmers.

Our range is extensively used in Solar drying shed covers, Poly house sheets, Fishpond liners, Vermi composed beds, Low-cost cow dung-based biogas plants, poultry curtains, poultry roofs and many more.

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