Why Choose Biofloc Fish Farming

If you are a fish and shrimp farmer, then biofloc fish farming technology can boost your output. Biofloc fish farming has become a common method for fish farmers to manage waste and nutrient retention in culture water.

Biofloc Technology allows fish and shrimp producers to save feed inputs by using wastewater during production. 


choosing biofloc fish farming


Some of the advantages of Biofloc Farming 

The biofloc technology provides high protein, vital vitamins and phosphorus for fish and shrimp. If the microbial flocs are allowed to develop, they can improve water quality while also immobilizing harmful nitrogen. Farmers who have used the approach have claimed higher productivity when compared to traditional aquaculture techniques. Biofloc production is extremely helpful, since it can significantly reduce death rates and boost growth rates in cultivated species. 

Another significant advantage of biofloc technology is better water quality. The system requires only a little amount of water exchange, and the overall environmental impact of production is minimal. Reduced water use reduces pollution and allows for higher biosecurity during fish and shrimp production. 

The procedure necessitates a development time, and yields aren’t as desirable between seasons. As a result, producers must constantly maintain a healthy mix with aerated culture water.  

Species such as shrimp and tilapia have been demonstrated in studies to be the best for this form of biofloc fish farming. The bacterial load in the water changes continually during this process, and the fish you are farming must be somewhat resistant to environmental obstacles. The delicate species struggle to thrive in this environment. 

It is recommended that shrimp growers use a closed management system for biofloc ponds. A compartmentalized design should be created, with distinct rooms for fish development and microbial propagation. This can make it easier to manage biofloc systems. Farmers have more control over the entire production process with this type of compartmental architecture. If used correctly, the biofloc technology can result in higher yields. 

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