pond liner

How Pond Liners Play Vital Role in Semi Biofloc Fish Culture.

Biofloc Technology (BFT) a hybrid approach that integrates biofloc technology with traditional aquaculture practices. It improved water quality and waste recycling, while maintaining the operational simplicity of traditional pond culture. The important points to remember are as follows: Water Management: Pond liners prevent water and nutrients from seeping into the soil. By isolating the water […]

biofloc fish farming tanks

Why Is Durable Tanks Critical For Biofloc Fish Farming

The fish production and microbial proliferation are done in separate compartments. This is a popular way of fish farming followed by farmers, which is where durable and waterproof tanks come into the picture.   Biofloc fish farming is quite popular among fish farmers.  It is a reasonable way to manage waste and nutrients retention in […]

BioFloc Technology – An overview!

Biofloc technology (BFT) is an innovative and eco-friendly fish farming technique that involves stock-breeding of fishes, in a micro-organism rich ecosystem, artificially created in a tank. The term Biofloc(Bio=life, Floc= aggregate) refers to clusters of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and other kinds of organic particles like fish faces and uneaten feed. All these, […]

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