biofloc fish farming tanks

Why Is Durable Tanks Critical For Biofloc Fish Farming

The fish production and microbial proliferation are done in separate compartments. This is a popular way of fish farming followed by farmers, which is where durable and waterproof tanks come into the picture.   Biofloc fish farming is quite popular among fish farmers.  It is a reasonable way to manage waste and nutrients retention in […]

BioFloc Technology – An overview!

Biofloc technology (BFT) is an innovative and eco-friendly fish farming technique that involves stock-breeding of fishes, in a micro-organism rich ecosystem, artificially created in a tank. The term Biofloc(Bio=life, Floc= aggregate) refers to clusters of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and other kinds of organic particles like fish faces and uneaten feed. All these, […]

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