Why Is Durable Tanks Critical For Biofloc Fish Farming

The fish production and microbial proliferation are done in separate compartments. This is a popular way of fish farming followed by farmers, which is where durable and waterproof tanks come into the picture.


biofloc fish farming tanks

Biofloc fish farming is quite popular among fish farmers.  It is a reasonable way to manage waste and nutrients retention in the culture water. The best part about considering biofloc fish farming is that it allows the farmers to have better control of the water dynamics over the culture period. KisanFlex’s tanks are one of the most promising and trustworthy biofloc tanks, as they are made with special technology, high-quality material and ticks all the boxes of safe fish farming.

KisanFlex uses the best possible PVC tarpaulin to produce highly durable biofloc tanks. The tanks are prepared to withstand toughest of conditions; they are sturdy and can be customized as per requirement. Let’s talk about some additional features of KisanFlex’s PVC biofloc tanks:

Prepared with food-grade, non-migratory PVC Polymer fabric in 650 GSM.

The tanks will be available in customized shapes and sizes.

The tanks are welded with advanced 3D technology with the use of state-of-the-art Seamtek machines. There will be zero wrinkles and the tank will be able to take the water pressure better.

These tanks have only one joint which provides higher durability.

The fish tanks have 6mm thick ropes and brass eyelets for super strength.

The manufacturers also provide 500 microns HDPE protective liner for extra support.


  • 100% UV Stabilized
  • Durable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Strength
  • Easy to Install

Mohan Tarp has over three decades of experience in manufacturing durable PVC tanks for biofloc fish farming. The company takes pride in the advanced technologies it uses and its well-developed supply chain management in the Indian market. With a pledge to deliver advanced and durable products and distribute superior quality products with unmatched customer service, Mohan Tarp brings one of the best PVC biofloc tanks – Kisanflex to the market.

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