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Mohan Tarp supply best quality pvc coated Biofloc tarpaulin fish tank in India. Our pvc tarpaulin fish tank comes in 650 GSM and the biofloc tarpaulin comes in blue colour. Our every pvc biofloc aquaculture tank comes with 5-year warranty. Our fish farming tanks manufactured in 3D technology. We also provide protective liner for pvc tarpaulin fish tank. This blue colour tarpaulin for biofloc tank is UV stabilized, durable and eco friendly.

Why Biofloc Technology:-

1. Low investment of Approximately Rs. 30000/- only for installation of 4M dia tank.
2. Production of 600 kgs of Biomass within 5 months.
3. ROI in within one harvest.
4. Suitable for india Tropical conditions.
5. All types of fishes can be cultured.

Our biofloc fish farming tanks is being successfully used at more than 2000 installations in India and outside.We can also supply omega tube belt & valve for biofloc fish tank which helps to travel oxygen in water through omega pipe more than air stone or air pump. It also helps to create circular motion in water which help the fish to move in a circular motion and thus the fish has a huge growth and also it doesn't allow the sludge to settle down at the bottom and it doesn't allow anaerobic oxidation in water which make the water smelly.
For more details regarding tarpaulin for fish tank in kolkata or biofloc fish tank tarpaulin in kolkata, you can call us at - 7044203333

Fish farming tanks price in India / Biofloc tank price in india / tarpaulin fish tank price in kolkata:

(650 GSM PVC coated fabric with reinforced rope on the periphery)

Volume(lit) Dia(mtr) Height of Tank(mtr) Ex.Office/Ex.Godown Delivery to Transport/Bus By Fedex/Door Delivery
5000 3 1.3 Rs.6000/- Rs.6200/- Rs.6500/-
10000 4 1.3 Rs.9000/- Rs.9200/- Rs.9500/-

Benefits of Biofloc Fish Tank:-

  • Cost-effective feed production
  • Reduces water pollution
  • Eco-friendly culture system
  • It reduces environmental impact
  • Improves land and water use efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • Limited or zero water exchange
  • It reduces the pressure on capture fisheries i.e., use of cheaper food fish and trash fish for fish feed formulation

Application of PVC Tarpaulin Biofloc Fish Farming Tank:-

  • Fish Farming
  • Aquaculture
  • Water Storage


  • UV Stabalized
  • Durable
  • Easy to Handle
  • Eco Friendly

Material thickness- 650 gsm. Colour - Blue. Material = PVC Coated Fabric. Manufacturing Warranty 5 year. Material durability for 10 years. Made in India


Volume(litre) Dia(meter) Height of Tank(mtr)
2 1.3
5000 3 1.3
10000 4 1.3
15000 5 1.3
20000 6 1.3
30000 7 1.3





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