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We supply Silgrow garden grow bags made from virgin granules. These large plastics grow bag containing soil or compost in which plants, especially vegetables, can be grown. Trees grown in grow bags retain a better-formed root system when transplanted. Our Silgrow grow bags prevent the encircling of roots even after years of planting. It is manufactured by the No -1 plastic manufacturing company of India “The Supreme Industries Limited”.

Available Sizes – 15″ Dia x 6″ Height, 2″ Dia x 4″ height, 9″ Dia x 9″ height, 15″ Dia x 9” Height, 18″ Dia x 6″ Height, 18″ Dia x 9″ Height, 12″ Dia x 12″ Height, 6″ Dia x 6″ height, 12″ Dia x 9″ Height, 12″ Dia x 6″ height, 12″ Dia x 15″ height, 12″ Dia x 18″ Height, 15″ Dia x 12″ Height, 15″ Dia x 15″ height



1. Every Garden bed have Handle Loop and Drain Hole
2. Every size have different Product code
3. useful for every season
4. Pocket friendly
5. Silgrow garden beds can be used for your front office for decoration
6. It can be used for your backyard gardening7. It be use for your rooftop / Balcony Gardening

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