How EVA Cow / Buffalo Mats is useful in Modern Dairy Farm.

Cow mats or Buffalo mats also known as cow / buffalo mattresses. Today in modern dairy farm these type of mats serves a vital role. Most of the dairy farms mostly used sand, straw, or brick concrete as bedding or floor surface.

EVA cow / buffalo mats used in India more than 5-6 years. “The Supreme Industries Limited recently introduce EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) technology cow / buffalo mats (PROTECanimat), which have several advantages and benefits –

  1. Comfort – The cow / buffaloes mat provides a soft and comfortable surface for cows or buffaloes to lie down or work.
  2. Hygiene – It reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and diseases like mastitis. It also helps maintain better hygiene in the barn. It prevents animals from direct contact between the animals and manure or urine.
  3. Joint Health – These types of mats act as a soft bag (cushion) to reducing the strain of the animal’s joint. This can also help to prevent conditions such as arthritis and lameness of the animals.
  4. Improved Milk Quality – EVA mats are very helpful to improved milk quality.
  5. Cleanliness – These types of mats are easy to clean and maintain. It can be quickly washed or scrubbed to maintain cleaner environment for the animals and the workers.
  6. Heat Control – EVA mats helping to keep the animals warm and comfortable in cold environment.
  7. Reduce Fatigue – EVA mats help reduce fatigue by providing a more comfortable surface for standing and lying down.
  8. Increased Productivity – These mats can contribute to increased productivity in dairy farming operations by improving animal comfort, healthier condition.

Therefore, EVA cow / buffalo mats play a vital role in today modern dairy farming offering a range of benefits and advantages.

We supply premium quality Cow / Buffaloes foam mats which is manufactured by “The Supreme Industries Limited” No 1 Plastic Industry in India. Our mats are many features like – hygienic, anti-skid, protects knees of cattle, comfortable, enhanced productivity, improved safety, easy to clean, increased blood supply. It comes 1400 mm x 2340 mm size and 25 mm thickness.

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