How Pond Liner Helps In The Conservation Of Water

Water conservation is vital owing to harsh weather conditions like drought in some parts of India. Ranchers and farmers rely on ponds to retain water for crops and animals. Hence, taking care of pond and its ecosystem is important. Putting up pond liners will not only conserve water and contribute in ecosystem but save you a lot of time and money.

Each year, unlined ponds lose several feet of water. Minerals such as salt, calcium, magnesium, and selenium compounds are leached from the soil and deposited back into the ecosystem by this water waste. Since leakage occurs in greater volume with perched ponds that are made above ground level, however, some of the unpatched ponds are also prone to leakage if build in wet areas without any pond lining.

The saturation limit of an unlined pond depends on the soil that makes up the basin. Different types of soil have different infiltration rates that cause seepage. This is where these liners play a very important role in conserving water and reducing any chance of pond seepage regardless of soil type.

  • Your pond’s seepage can be reduced with the use of a quality pond liner. Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) liners can effectively prevent seepage when correctly fitted and contribute to water conservation.
  • RPE liners are a wonderful alternative if the pond liner will not be exposed to direct sunlight and can endure more than twenty years if buried. Reinforced Polyethylene, on the other hand, is less expensive but cannot tolerate UV radiation, thus it is used less.
  • It might be difficult to choose the proper liner for your pond, canal, or lake. A tiny home pond with 200 liters of water has different requirements than a huge mining tailings pond with a vast amount of hazardous chemicals.

It is not worth skimping on your pond liner as it is one of the most important aspects of building a pond. It is definitely worth spending that extra money on quality liner to cut back some major repairs in the future.

Durable Plastic Pond Liner Supplier

MohanTarp supply some of the most durable pond liners to protect ponds from seepage. We have supply of a variety of pond liners that assure zero leakage and high mechanical resistance, that are used and preferred by market leaders.

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