Silpaulin Tarpaulin – A Veiled Necessity for India and its Industries!

Produced by making use of cross-laminated plastic films of various sizes with advanced technology, Silpaulin tarpaulin has multiple uses. Whether one needs to cover the vehicle, warehouse, machines, or the field, this product comes handy.

Unique and Helpful Properties of Silpaulin Tarpaulin

The main reasons, for which people opt for this product, totally depend on its unique properties.

·         Being made of plastic it is generally lighter in weight. It can be folded and carried by anyone irrespective of his/her age, unless its size is enormous.

·         Resistance is what every Indian wants in any commodity they buy. The plastic tarpaulin is made by a crisscross lamination process which helps in enhancing its strength and also gives evidence of its durability in the long run.

·         This plastic product, used to keep other commodities away from getting wet, is generally waterproof. It helps to cover things not only from the rain but also from any form of moisture.

·         Tarpaulin being Corrosion resistance not only save other products from rain but is also strong enough to endure harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun or odd materials like acid and greases.

·         This product is made of plastic is abrasion resistant. It can endure sharp points or ends, which keeps it away from getting torn or splitting. Even strong wind does not affect its quality.

Variety Available

With an increase in the number of Silpaulin Tarpaulin Dealers in Eastern India, each excels in producing various types of tarpaulin to suit the different needs of its customers.

·         Being made from polyethylene, polyolefin or polypropylene plastic, Poly tarpaulins are cost-efficient, lightweight, and resistant to moisture. The cross-weaves provide immense strength, as well as durability.

·         Mesh tarpaulin made with polyethylene or vinyl and interwoven in a screen-like pattern, makes the product semi-porous, through which light and air can pass easily.

·         Canvas tarpaulin is heavier in weight as it is made up of closely woven flax or cotton cloth and helps in providing strong wind resistance.

·         Vinyl tarpaulins coated with polyvinyl chloride are heavy-duty tarp, which provide more reliable protection as they are waterproof, besides being abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Utility of Silpaulin

Being a product that has been used from time immemorial, it has fulfilled various needs of us, Indians.

·         In the agricultural sector it is used to dry agricultural products, cover small plants or tea leaves, and prevent ponds from getting dirty, among others.

·         In the field of civil engineering, silpaulin is used to for underlying raft, terrace gardens or parking floor, capping of basement or swimming pool, or lining large water bodies or ponds.

·         Among its general applications, it helps in covering machines or other commodities, prevent greenhouse from UV radiations, cover pandals, or iron ore. For the poorer section of the society, the product also acts as a temporary shelter.

 Points To Focus on While Buying

With a variety of silpaulin being available in the market, which type of silpaulin tarpaulin one should buy totally depends on, which purpose it would serve. Make sure of the genuineness of the product, its durability and necessarily compare its market price before buying.

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