All You Need To Know When Buying Poultry Curtains

If you want to create your own poultry farm, you must have the poultry curtains to set the poultry firm properly. It mainly helps your birds (Duck/chicken) well-being and growth.

This is why it’s important that you take time in designing the shelter and providing it the necessary poultry supplies.


poultry curtains

Adequate lighting is one of the basic requirements when building poultry shelters. Apart from that these curtains are also considered to play an important role in your targeted broiler production.

Most poultry farm owners use poultry/chicken curtains like the blue and yellow ones because they have been proven to be a contributing factor on broilers performance.

Three main things need to be check before buying a poultry house curtain.

  • Ventilation

Good ventilation can affect the well-being and productivity of the chickens. Although, natural air is needed there are instances that the quality of air can be mixed with external elements like dirt, airborne diseases or toxins that could lead to the development of illnesses. So, to control air during hot or colder seasons custom made curtains are installed to match the needed ventilation in a poultry shelter.


  • Temperature control

Another factor to look into when deciding on the type of fabric of the curtains is the capability to control temperature brought by harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat, windy or cold. When buying poultry curtains invest in fabric materials designed to provide the ideal insulation during hot or cooler days.


  • Less Shrinkage

Shopping for the ideal fabrics for poultry curtains can be quite overwhelming, especially if presented with different materials. If your goal is to buy curtains that will provide long years of service, then, inquire about fabrics with less shrinkage feature. Keep in mind, over time these curtains are exposed to elements like heat or strong wind and may be prone to wear and tear or shrinking.

Purpose of it use

Birds require a period of darkness to reach their optimum health condition. It is only during the dark periods that the chickens will produce the hormone “melatonin” needed to improved immune system. The ideal dark period when managing a poultry farm is at least four to six/eight hours of total darkness daily

Material to be used for curtains

Poultry curtains are made from the top graded UV-stabilized materials. They are specifically designed to have excellent block-out fabrics that will control the amount of natural light coming inside the poultry shelters.

Most of the fabric materials used for the manufacture of this have a special laminated coating. It is come in a variety of materials, width and weight. For summer months, lighter curtains can be used to allow natural air to flow freely inside the poultry shelters. However, curtains made from insulated fabric material are appropriate during winter months.

The most common material used for poultry curtains are polyethylene (PE) and vinyl (PVC).

If you want guidance on the selection of suitable curtains for your poultry and other queries regarding poultry curtain supplier, you can choose the best supplier in your nearest.

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