Pond Liner for Water Harvesting

The dream of peaceful ripples spreading across a garden pond with your goldfish rising to the surface for feeding every evening amid the lily pads is finally coming to fruition. While researching the best methods for building a small, decorative fish pond in your garden, you may have considered using a tarp as a frugal substitute for a plastic pond liner. It seems like a good idea.

It is important to select or specify high-grade polymer resins that have been manufactured to meet the specific, unique demands encountered by Pond liners.



The plastic pond liner mainly used for water retention, including the lining of lakes, fish farms, garden ponds and artificial streams in parks and gardens. Its need to be protected from sharp objects below the liner and from being punctured by any objects in the water body.

Protection can be provided with layers of sand, concrete, fibber-matting, geotextile, and other materials. Pond lining film is manufactured in rolls of PVC or HDPE and Geomembrane. Strips of liner can be seamed or welded together on site or can be prefabricated in our factory. The edge of the pond lining sheet can be rolled over and secured in a trench or it can be fixed to a vertical wall made in brick or concrete.

Pond Lining Film Specification:

Silpaulin pond lining sheet comes in 250 & 300 GSM with 3 years warranty & blue colour. HDPE woven geomembrane liners comes in   300 micron (250 GSM), 500 micron (420 GSM) and 750 micron (650 GSM) with black colour. HDPE Non-Woven liners comes in 300 micron (276 GSM), 500 micron (460 GSM) & 700 micron (690 GSM).  There are two types of pond liner installation process one is open, and another is sandwich.


  • Water Harvesting
  • Water Reservoir
  • Fish Ponds
  • Liners for Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Water storage tank in agriculture
HDPE/Silpaulin Pond liner also has multiple features like-
  • cost effective (low cost),
  • durable (last long),
  • leak proof and waterproof (prevent any kind of leakage),
  • UV stabilized (prevent ultraviolet rays),
  • easy install and light weight (can be installed easily and weight is also light)
  • Tailor-made as per client’s requirement
  • High tensile strength
  • Crack resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Tightly sealed with advanced welding systems

It is not worth skimping on your pond liner as it is one of the most important aspects of building a pond. It is definitely worth spending that extra money on quality liner to cut back some major repairs in the future.

Durable Waterproof Pond Liner Supplier / Distributor-

Mohan Tarp supplies some of the most durable Silpaulin / Suncool pond liners to protect ponds from seepage. They are a leading supplier of a variety of pond lining sheets that assure zero leakage and high mechanical resistance.

You can visit our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcK7-z2snIkHFIgbkHKsF-A

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