Biofloc fish tanks: An insight into different purpose-specific designs

Biofloc fish farming is tank-based aquaculture and specific types of tanks are used at different phases of the process. Though it is possible to convert a traditional pond into a biofloc system, it is definitely a challenging task. Free-standing Biofloc tanks are widely preferred by fish farmers as they require less space and can be set up almost anywhere, even on your terrace!

Apart from the standard circular biofloc tarpaulin tanks, raceway tanks, hatchery tanks and transportation tanks are used to suit specific purposes. To have more clarity, let us understand the purpose of each of these specially designed tanks.

customized biofloc fish tanks
customized biofloc fish tanks

Hatchery tanks are typically used by fish-hatcheries for larval rearing. These tanks can be made of concrete, FRP or the most commonly used food-grade, non-toxic PVC material for higher viability of fish seeds. They are usually round or square (with rounded corners), usually shallow for ease of access for daily cleaning & observation. Hatchery tanks facilitate the optimal growth of fish seeds and minimizes the stress of being transferred to larger tanks.

Raceway tanks are the next-generation biofloc tanks that have a continuous water flow-through system that helps to maintain optimal water quality without hassle. These tanks are “raceway-shaped” – usually rectangular basins with a lower height than that of a standard circular biofloc fish tank. The unique design provides a larger space for the fishes to move in compared to the circular tanks. Hence, such a tank promotes better fish health and maximizes their growth.

Transportation tanks make the transfer of fish seeds from hatcheries to fish farms as well as transportation of live fishes from the farms to the markets. Transportation tanks are made from premium quality, non-toxic PVC material. The PVC material used to make transportation tanks protect the fishes from jerk & jolt of long-distance transportation. KisanFlex is the only brand that manufactures transportation tanks with a special outlet-tail for easy transfer of fishes out of the tanks.

Now, to find all types of biofloc aquaculture tanks and accessories under one roof may seem like an absurd idea. But dear reader, you are in luck!

KisanFlex is a brand that manufactures all types of biofloc tanks and tanks accessories suitable for Biofloc fish farming. Our products are made from the best quality, food-grade, and non-toxic PVC fabric for higher viability of fishes.

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